7 Haunted Houses You Can Stay In … but Will You Sleep a Wink?

7 Haunted Houses You Can Stay In … but Will You Sleep a Wink?

Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via Getty ImagesWith Halloween fast approaching, you may be doing your very best to make your home as spooky as possible. But what if you could leave behind your fake tarantulas and menacing witches and go in search of real ghosts by spending the night in an authentic haunted house?
From coast to coast, creepy abodes abound. Once the sites of grisly murders, these dwellings now serve as inns and bed and breakfasts for all who are brave enough to enter. If you’re in the mood for an unnerving overnight, we’ve got all the frightening details. Here’s to sleeping with one eye open!
The Lizzie Borden House
Though Lizzie Borden was acquitted, she was ostracized within the Fall River, MA,  community.Commons.wikimedia.orgLocated 50 miles south of Boston, the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast is the former home of the infamous spinster who allegedly gave her father and stepmother countless “whacks” with an axe, as the grim nursery rhyme purports, back in 1892.
Guests have a choice of eight rooms, including the ones in which the unfortunate pair were murdered. The John V. Morse room, where Lizzie supposedly offed her stepmom, has a crime scene photo of poor Mrs. Borden hanging just beside the bed, in case you forget where you’re staying. Not that you would—visitors report creaking floors, doors opening and closing on their own, and shadows that seem to ascend the Victorian’s staircase.
If you believe in the old adage, “There’s safety in numbers,” you’ll be glad to know that all but one room can accommodate up to three guests. Rates, which include breakfast (featuring cornmeal johnnycakes, supposedly the couple’s last meal) and a house tour, start at $219.40 plus tax.
The Villisca Axe Murder House
While the home has heat, innkeepers recommend overnight guests come prepared for a “chilling” evening.In 1912, the otherwise sleepy community of Villisca, IA, was rocked by the brutal murder of two adults, J.B. and Sarah Moore, and six children: their own four as well as their neighbors’ two young daughters. To this day, the killings remain unsolved. Those interested in taking a closer look can spend the night and have the whole Villisca Axe Murder House to themselves. If you get spooked during your stay, don’t expect an innkeeper to allay your fears: You get the key and you’re on your own. Or are you? Paranormal investigators report hearing children’s voices, witnessing lamps fall, ladders move, and objects fly without provocation.
The price for an overnight visit is a minimum of $428, which includes sales tax and allows for up to six guests (at $74.90 for each additional guest).
The Myrtles Plantation

Haunted plantation #myrtlesplantation #louisiana
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“Beautiful” and “haunted” don’t usually appear in the same sentence, but in St. Francisville, LA, you’ll find stunning decor alongside hints of the macabre inside the sprawling Myrtles Plantation where a Baccarat crystal chandelier and gold-leafed French furnishings coexist with potential ghosts. One apparition is said to be that of a young slave girl  named Chloe, who, legend has it, murdered the wife of her master, Clark Woodruff, as well as his two daughters out of jealousy. The deadly weapon? Cake. Chloe supposedly used poisonous oleander flowers as a key ingredient in her confection. When fellow slaves discovered what she’d done, they hanged the girl from a nearby tree.
If you want to try to spot Chloe yourself, you can book a room or suite at this enchanting estate, located almost 100 miles northwest of New Orleans. Rates range from $175 to $400 per night and some rooms accommodate up to six guests.
The Farnsworth House Inn

I’m currently spending the night at the Farnsworth House Inn circa 1810. There are over one hundred bullet holes throughout the house. #farnsworthhouseinn #gettysburg #hauntedinn #gettysburgpa
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Victorian elegance isn’t the only thing that will surround you at the historic Farnsworth House. Located in Gettysburg, PA, this home has been featured on A&E, Discovery, History, Syfy and Travel channels. A variety of haunted tours are available, offering guests the chance to check out both the attic and cellar, where the spirits of Union and Confederate soldiers are said to linger.
All rooms are double occupancy only. Extra guests—with the exception of ghosts—are strictly prohibited. Rates start at $139 for a midweek stay.
Captain Grant’s, 1754

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Guests who’ve stayed in the Adelaide Room at Captain Grant’s, 1754 are said to have made contact with a deceased former resident and her two children. Other visitors to the historic inn claim to have heard unexplained knocking on their doors.Those wishing to have dialogue with the dead can book a two-night stay, Sunday through Thursday, and receive a spirit communication lesson after breakfast.
Nestled in the Connecticut woods, this B&B is located between the Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun casinos, a bonus for gambling ghost hunters. Rates vary by season. Vacationers wanting to get in the Halloween “spirit” can book at fall rates, which range from $109 to $169 through Oct. 31.
The Logan Inn

Twilightpassages is proud to reveal our next #ghost investigation at the famous #loganinn in New Hope PA We will be focusing on the #haunted room #6. Known to be haunted by the daughter of the original owners. Our special guest will be the talented @richardpryorjr Stay tuned
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More interested in friendly ghosts? Check out New Hope, PA’s Logan Inn, where as many as eight different spirits are said to roam the halls. Emily, the mother of the inn’s former owner, died at a ripe old age in Room 6. Those who sleep there are said to pick up the scent of flowers. Other notable ghosts include the spirit of Aaron Burr, who stopped at the inn after his fateful duel with Alexander Hamilton. Supernatural occurrences, such as the sound of soldiers marching and children playing on the stairs, make this a popular destination year-round. Rates start at $135 per weeknight stay.
The Foley Inn

Southern Halloween – Foley House Inn, Savannah. Originally built in 1896, during a renovation “in 1987 workers tore down a wall and discovered a skeleton inside of the wall. It is believed this poor guy was the victim of a murder, his body hidden in the wall. But, what is the story behind the Foley House Inn? Did this skeleton in the wall actually exist or is it simply a story?” Via Ghost City Tours • • • #foleyhouseinn #savannah #halloween #ghost #haunted #inn #hotel #hauntedsavannah #skeleton #renovation #autumn #october
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This 19-room inn is credited with helping Savannah, GA, earn a reputation as one of the most haunted cities in America. Guests of The Foley Inn may spy the ghost of a little girl roaming the parlor and the apparition of man in a top hat strolling the garden. According to local lore, the original owner, Honoria Foley, was nearly strangled to death by a guest. The quick-thinking innkeeper whacked her assailant on the head with a candlestick, causing him to fall to his death. Not wanting to be convicted of a crime, Foley offered another guest free rent to help her dispose of the corpse. During the property’s 1989 renovation, a body was discovered within the walls. Eek! Rates start at $149 per night and include breakfast as well as an afternoon snack.
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