Maximize Your Winter Curb Appeal

Winter isn’t the ideal season to be selling a house, so if you’re trying to find a buyer right now, it makes sense to maximize your curb appeal. The way a house looks on the outside, after all, is a 13594296983_856441058e_bmajor factor in convincing a buyer to make an offer. Try these techniques to make your property as pretty as a picture.

1)    Add a little green. A house blanketed in freshly-fallen snow might be pretty, but adding a splash of green to the landscape will make it even prettier. Pick up an evergreen or two for your front yard, and use an arrangement of fountain grass to highlight your porch. Giving your façade a little bit of color will go a long way with interested buyers.

2)    Keep your deck clean. Even though you won’t be using your deck or patio in the winter, you should still keep it clear of snow when you’re selling a house. Keeping your deck swept – with the furniture and grill set up just like they are in the summer – will help buyers visualize what it’s like to live in your home through each season.

3)    Make it a sensory experience. Building good winter curb appeal isn’t just about making your home look inviting. We’ve got four other senses, don’t we? Consider lighting a fire for your next showing, because the scent of burning logs and the warmth of the hearth can stir deep feelings of comfort. Putting on some agreeable music isn’t a bad idea either. Classical and jazz are good choices, but keep the volume low.

Don’t get left out in the real estate cold this winter. If you’re selling a house, achieving good curb appeal should be one of your main priorities. Use these tips to get yourself started, but try to come up with some ideas of your own, too. Do whatever you can to beautify your house in the darkest season of the year, because when you’re selling a house in winter, nothing is more important.

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