Ranch-Style Homes

Ranch-style homes started to be built during the 1940s but they became the house of the postwar baby boom of the 1950s and 60s. The suburbs were expanding and land was still cheap enough 10409152_10203418028637701_3203216878955169464_nthat homeowners did not feel compelled to stack the bedrooms on top of the living space. Homeowners’ Manifest Destiny would be to settle in clean-lined new homes spreading out across the suburbia, each stretching from lot-line. Attached garages can make these homes appear to sprawl even farther across the lot.

The relative simplicity of most ranch houses built during that time can make them a wonderfully blank canvas for remodeling. Wings can be added, making an L-shaped or U-shaped house and a few tweaks to the roof-line and windows can give a basic ranch a very modern flavor. Because of the one-level living it can be easy to open a ranch out to the patio or pool in back. They are also easily desirable homes to grow old in. Depending on the layout though, there can be little privacy for bedrooms. And you may face big re-roofing bills for a sprawling ranch-style home.

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